Acne Facial does it really work

Acne Facial does it really work ?

Can an acne facial really clear up my skin or would an oxygen facial be better. And how do you compare the two ?

Acne Facial does it really work

There is no clear cut answer, nor could I find any comparison between an acne facial and an oxygen facial. Blackheads and other types of non-inflammatory skin blemishes could well be improved with regular facials in a couple of ways. During treatment pore blockages are manual removed and by doing so, pores are cleared of debris and excess oils. This means that blemishes are less likely to occur therefore improving some cases of acne, principally those which are non-inflammatory. Moderate or severe inflammatory acne will need attention by a dermatologist and any decent skin aesthetician will know which cases are beyond their skills and refer the customer onto a doctor or other specialist.

There are various forms of skin treatments including various masks, steam baths, facials scrubs, massage and these may or may not include product to remove dead skin cells and excess surface oil. The product would also rehydrate and moisturise. And the products used, and those recommended by the aesthetician for continuing home use, need to be products that wont aggravate the skin or irritate the acne.

Oxygen facials seem to be the popular choice these days due to the exposure on television from celebrities. These are the people who most worry about their appearance and have the means to do whatever they like to access the treatments. Madonna of course is probably the most high profile in this area, as well as many other well-known screen personalities who have turned to oxygen facials to smooth the face by plumping the skin almost immediately without leaving any telltale red blotches.

The process involves a machine which sprays atomized moisturisers onto the skin in a stream of pressurised oxygen. This is claimed to hydrate the skin immediately giving the face a smoother and plumper appearance. It would appear that many celebrities are using this method to temporarily hide tiny imperfections that would otherwise be very visible on camera and viewable by high-definition TV watchers. It sounds like airbrushing before taking the picture rather than after.

As trendy as these oxygen facials appear to be, some experts remain sceptical. Some experts have claimed that the plumping or swelling may well come from mild inflammation caused by the blasts of compressed oxygen.  So the oxygen facial may, like many other cosmetic treatments, not really alter the skin, and it would appear that no real studies have been conducted on the subject. Consumers are left to their own devices, as these devices have not had to go through the rigorous approval normally required to be submitted to. So most are influenced by the marketing hype, the magazine articles and advertising and the celebrities that undergo the treatment.

Some dermatologists think the treatment is suitable for film or television actresses or for people who just plan to attend a special event. Weekly treatment for six weeks and then a monthly maintenance are recommended to keep the face looking plumped and juicy.  The ultimate hydration therapy which makes skin look better instantly even though it will stay that way only for a few days. The therapy can also be used as a treatment for ageing skin.

The oxygen treatment is claimed to create a pressure bubble that drives viatmines and nutrients into the skin, is the claim but no-one appears to have any data to support that.

How can these people get away with no medical-style clinical trials ? because they are not making any biological claims and allowing the results to speak for themselves. Many doctors still say that the oxygen facial’s effectiveness has not been proven and this is because of the lack of clinical studies. Those who offer the treatments say the facials do force oxygen and product such as moisturisers into the skin for a temporary improvement

Celebrities swear by the treatment claiming it makes their faces look flawless.

Acne facials, usually undertaken by your aesthetician can also be done at home using basic ingredients found around the house. Some that we have heard of  include –

  1. Egg White Face Mask
  2. Oatmeal and Yoghurt Mask
  3. White Sugar scrub
  4. Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask
  5. Rejuvenating Pumpkin Mask
  6. Cat Litter Mask
  7. Yogurt Face Mask
  8. Clay Mask
  9. The above are for normal and all skin types but there are some specialist ones for oily or acne prone skin too —
  10. Aspirin Mask for Pimples
  11. Strawberry Mask for Acne
  12. Green Clay Mask for Oily skin
  13. Homemade Juice Mask for Oily skin
  14. And also
  15. Milk Mask for dry skin
  16. Brown Sugar Exfoliating Scrub
  17. Dark Chocolate Mask for dry skin

If you are being treated by a dermatologist for your acne, why not ask him or her about having a facial treatment as well.

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