Radio Frequency Skin Treatment does away with Cosmetic Surgery

The demand for a non-invasive treatment for tightening of aging and lax skin is increasing in the recent years and means a reduction in cosmetic surgery. Radio Frequency Skin Treatment.

Radio Frequency Skin Treatment does away with Cosmetic SurgeryAs the demand for invasive aesthetic cosmetic surgery intervention is decreasing the demand for non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and lax skin is rising sharply.

Similarly, non-surgical body contouring to treat skin laxity resulting from aging, weight loss or multiple pregnancies is becoming the target for energy- based treatment means cosmetic surgery or laser surgery is no longer required.

Since the available light- based technology exhibit limited penetration into the deeper layers of the skin, radiofrequency is increasingly used as means for skin tightening. That tightening is done without the use ofcosmetic surgery.Existing radio frequency energy technologies, which are non-invasive and therefore no cosmetic surgery required, has shown some promising results but have some significant limitations such as uncontrolled energy flow and pain in the monopolar devices, and insufficient penetration when using the current bipolar technologies.

Addressing the challenge of current radio frequency energy technologies (Radio Frequency Skin Treatment), to reduce the demand on cosmetic surgery a novel proprietary radio frequency energy technology has been developed that controls the interaction between multiple radio frequency energy sources to deliver contained energy to selected deeper layers of the skin with decreased heating of the skin surface.

Radio Frequency Skin Treatment does away with Cosmetic Surgery

The cause of lax skin is the decrease in quantity and function of dermal and sub dermal collagen. These physiologic deterioration leads to skin laxity and wrinkles. Cosmetic surgery was the only way to deal with these until now. The delivery of heat to the dermis can be achieved by a few different technologies rather than cosmetic surgery. Since optical energy is limited in its ability to penetrate deep tissue, novel technological efforts in the last few years were targeted towards radio frequency energy, which means cosmetic surgery and laser surgery are no longer required.

Radio frequency energy affects skin by emitting high-frequency radio waves that mimic the thermal effects of lasers and intense pulsed light sources. Radio frequency energy is similar to optical energy in that it interacts with the tissue to produce a thermal change. Unlike cosmetic surgery or cosmetic lasers which induce heat by selectively targeting particular chromophores, nonablative radio frequency energy devices generate heat as a result of tissue resistance to the movement of electrons within the radio frequency energy field.

The delivery of radio frequency energy is thought to induce dermal heating to the critical temperature of 55-65 deg Celsius, causing collagen to shrink and allowing wound healing with a subsequent contraction.

In the skin, radio frequency energy radiation provoke significant thermal effects at a particular depth based on the electrode configuration, hence the reduction in the need forcosmetic surgery and laser surgery.

Radio Frequency Skin Treatment does away with Cosmetic Surgery

Current radio frequency energy systems use two basic mechanisms of heating. In the Monopolar (or Unipolar) radio frequency energy devices, a single electrode emits energy onto the skin. The current is dispersed in tissue and is either flowing towards a receiving pad attached to the patient, or is grounded through the body to the treatment table. In order to achieve enough heat at the desired target depth, high energies are needed which have to be combined with potent epidermal cooling to prevent epidermal damage.

This gives customers an alternative method – cosmetic surgery, laser surgery or radio frequency energy. The choice between cosmetic surgery being invasive and laser or radio frequency being non-invasive.

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